Finding your safe place for meditation

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you would rather be somewhere else? Maybe letting your mind drift on the thought of your next holiday when your friend is telling you about their restful weekend? Or maybe planning in your head your afterwork activities while attending a lengthy meeting?

This capacity the mind has to focus elsewhere can be put to use with some practice.

When you feel unsafe due to a traumatic experience, be it an accident, an attack or years of complex trauma, the idea of closing your eyes and calming your mind, steadying it for even a few moments can be inconceivable.

If you had to imagine a sanctuary of peace, what would it look like to you? A sunny private beach surrounded by cliffs, a clearing of grass in a forest of tall trees, a familiar room with inviting pillows to sit on… Now define the place itself, the different colours, the light, the textures, the air, the smells and the sensations you would experience there. This is your safe place, unique to you.

Whenever you come to meditate, use the power of your imagination and bring this space back to your mind. Visualise yourself arriving in this place, feel the different sensations on your skin and in your body. Switch back to this harmonious state where you feel safe.

If sitting on the floor is creating tension in your body, why not seat on a chair or even lie down on your back with your knees flex and feet on the floor? If closing your eyes is making you feel insecure or distracting you, you could simply keep your eyes open and focus your gaze on a non moving point in front of you.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting cross legged on a floor pillow with your eyes closed. You will be more apt to practice if you create the environment that correspond to YOU in this very moment.


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