Have you ever felt that there was not enough time in a day to do everything you have to do, or even, want to do?

As if time was flying by, without you realizing it; Yep, this weekend you had been waiting for is already gone, and you only did half of what you had planned to do; Yes, it is Monday again and another week is starting, with more things to do; your To-Do list is starting to look like an entire book rather than a check list.

If you recognize yourself in the statement below, continue to read:

“If only I had more time to [insert your task here]”

If you are asked to reflect on what you spent time on this past weekend, what would your answer be?

… [silence]

Household tasks, taking the children here and there to their extracurricular activities, helping your parents weeding their garden, weeding your garden, or assisting your other half setting up the new wardrobe in your bedroom… all of these tasks could be seen as having achieved a lot but if they do not fulfill you it is because they were not intended to be for you.

If you take a moment, right here, right now, and reflect on what you actually want or need to do for yourself, what is it that comes to mind?

You may be surprised of your findings, maybe it will be going to the hairdresser, or simply reading the next chapter of this captivating book you started a few weeks ago, catching up with your girlfriends…


Taking a moment to pause helps you reset and calm your mind.

Stop what you are doing, pause and take a deep breath, your attention and focus and concentration will be re-energized and boosted.

In the same way as meditation works, pausing and allowing yourself to listen to your needs and desires, will create a different outlook and you will be able to take a step back, and even let go of what is not fundamental.

So in order to feel more balanced, in tune and conscious of your needs, make it a ritual to listen to your desires for a few moments each day, be it before going to sleep or before starting a new day. This is making time versus not “having time”.


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