Every day, we are getting caught up in the time bound activities, the fast paced cycle of life that modern society seems to impose on us. As if we were taking life for granted; it is easy to get lost in time and forget our purpose in life.

My good friend Bill Cumming is saying: “Life is a Miracle, and the only moment we can be sure of is this very second”

So what do you want to make of this second? This is the question to ask yourself. Is it worth getting upset at your partner, parent, colleague, a stranger or yourself? What if, instead, you would allow yourself to celebrate the opportunity to experience this moment, the presence of others, their uniqueness, your uniqueness?

Do the exercise of staying aware of the present moment throughout the day. Taking the time to pause, listen to your breathing, feel your breath moving in your body, reconnect with all the parts of your physical body.

Notice, and stop for a moment to look around with a child’s eyes. Rediscover the colours, the shapes, the smell and touch of the things around you at that moment. This helps to notice the obvious things that are simply taken for granted in a society always on the go.

As if on a meditative mood, when feelings arise, bring your mindset back to your awareness of this second. Pause to appreciate what is there and around. Reconnect and remember the sensations, discover the safety of your own self.

Opening your eyes morning after morning is a reason to be grateful for. You are experiencing the miracle of life.


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