Unwrap the benefits of lavender while relaxing in Savasana

What’s common to all yoga class?

Have you noticed how many different style of yoga are there? Some traditional like Sivananda, Hatha, Ashtanga or the more modern styles of Vinyasa, hot, power…

One common point to all these styles is Savasana, or the relaxation part at the end of the practice (one of the rare pose that even a non practitioner would know the Sanskrit name for)

I experienced the importance of relaxation in Sivananda style and Hatha yoga therapy, where we stop to relax for a couple of breath between some poses, throughout the practice. It encourages the body to take a break, pause and reset before moving in to the next asana or series. In these classes, you will still enjoy a longer guided Savasana at the end of the practice. Taking the time for relaxation is sending a sign to your body that it’s time to unwind and let go.

I hear it a lot “the best part of a yoga class is savasana”.

It is not uncommon for instructors to encourage the use props like bolsters, blankets, eye pillows to accelerate the capacity of your body and mind to calm down. The use of scents, or aromatherapy, is another way to shift your mindset.

Lavender is well known in aromatherapy and herbal medicine for its therapeutic virtues. Its warm, sweet and floral scent has been traditionally used to relieve anxiety and sleeplessness among others.

<img src="lavender.jpg" alt="yoga eye pillow eye mask lavender pillow"

How I use fresh lavender.

At the end of summer, I was gifted a bunch of freshly cut pesticides-free homegrown lavender.

With an aromatherapy apprenticeship background and my knowledge as a yoga instructor, I immediately thought of making an item that will mix the best of both worlds: and eye pillow filled with lavender that you can use for Savasana.

I sorted and spread out the stalks to dry for a few weeks in my small apartment. My next step was to separate the flowers from the stalks, which took a few days, all by hand. You might think that it’s too much effort, but I find it meditative to be surrounded by this fragrant flower, knowing that I will transform it into something useful for my clients.

Also, being from the south of France, in Provence, I grew up with lavender around me, in the gardens and the homes; so it is no surprise I enjoyed it.

Check out the final product.

<img src="eye pillow.jpg" alt="yoga eye pillow eye mask lavender pillow"

Wrapped in silk, these eye pillows are adding to your experience by engaging the sense of touch.

Grab yours for $9.00 by dropping me an email

I always exhibit at local Christmas markets. You are welcome to contact me to pre-order and pick yours up there.


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