This is my Periods’ best friend

What the heck is a menstrual cup?

During my yoga teacher training had the joy of meeting with amazing people from around the world. A few of my fellow yogini were speaking so passionately about their great experience with the menstrual cup that I decided to try it out. I personally do not feel comfortable with pads and was using tampons for many years. Even though I used the brands made with organic cotton, I experienced dryness and discomfort at time of removal each months. For sure the cup has changed that. I originally tried the INTIMINA Lily Cup size A but did not get the right size (because yes, there are sizes) so it was leaking. I found that the best menstrual cup for me is the Diva Cup Model 2 ”Recommended for women aged 30 and over or for women who have delivered vaginally or by caesarean” (from the Diva Cup web page); it fits well and I never experienced dryness since I started using it.

<img src="cup.jpg" alt="menstrual cup menstrual pads zero waste"

Thumbs up, it is zero waste too.

If you are concerned about your environmental impact, it is great to switch. For sure it costs more upfront to buy a menstrual cup, but on the long term, you can save a lot.

It is made of silicone, and therefore is foldable to allow easy insertion. To get it out, you simply need to breath calmly and relax the area.

Being a past victim of abuse, I noticed that using the cup gave me the opportunity to be in touch with the intimate part of my body that I tend to avoid or forget exists (mainly due to dissociation when felt threatened).

<img src="undies.jpg" alt="menstrual cup menstrual pads zero waste"

Beyond the cup, there is the psychological aspect to consider.

There is something about having to empty the cup that makes me realize and accept (!) that having menstruation is a normal process that every female is going through. It is part of our nature; it makes me human and, a woman.

It felt a bit awkward the first time I had to retrieve the cup and empty it, with all the taboos I was conditioned with (from others, society and myself). However, I now I feel liberated from these taboos, I feel in power of my femininity. Because being feminine is not being pretty but embracing all aspects of what makes us women, periods included!

<img src="rose.jpg" alt="menstrual cup menstrual pads zero waste"


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