What to wear to yoga

Do you often wonder what to wear to yoga? Or is the leggings mandatory? Is there a secret dress code being only discussed by the members of the yoga community?

yoga clothes yoga outfits

As my blog is dedicated to individuals who have experienced/are experiencing traumatic events, I am driven to discuss issues around self-confidence.

A person suffering from complex trauma has been robbed of their value and self-worth by another person, usually a trusted figure, in a repetitive manner. They have not been seen or validated in their despair and pain and this has therefore created a deeply rooted lack of confidence in themselves and others.

Now let’s go back to the yoga attires.

yoga clothes yoga outfits
yoga clothes yoga outfits beach yoga

Recently the yoga industry has boomed and it is not considered a new age practice anymore but rather a trendy “must try” one. The image of yoga seems to have moved away from the traditional Indian hermit doing inversions to the picture and body perfect individual (female or male!) demonstrating an advance pose in barely any clothes on social media. 

It is important to not overexpose yourself or feel obligated to follow trends.

And also know that some lineage have more conservative standards. I was particularly impressed, to say the least, and attracted by the Sivananda dress code: “Men and women must cover shoulders, midriff and legs. Tight fitting, transparent and revealing clothing are not permitted. This includes:

  • Shorts above the knee
  • Leggings
  • Low cut and sleeveless t-shirts
  • Tank tops

Guests’ behaviour and dress code should be respectful of the local culture and enhance the spiritual atmosphere. (…)”

Bear in mind the type of yoga you practice and the environmental conditions will play a role in the clothes you might need to choose.

Let’s say you practice a hot yoga class; you will probably be more at ease in a short and bare chest for men, and short with bralette for women (and don’t forget your ultra-absorbent/quick dry towel for those classes as you will sweat and don’t want to slip). Similarly, a more active class in a room with no air conditioning in summer will probably require a loose fit t-shirt and light trousers.

yoga pants, leggings

I personally value comfort over fashion.

I am true to my values, and in my opinion, attending a yoga class does not implicate coordinating my outfit or trying to look my best, instead I want to feel comfortable and able to move around without being restricted.

So I would recommend to wear something comfy, where you feel safe, that allows movement, and ideally not too baggy so the instructor can spot if you are adopting an incorrect alignment that may result in injuries.

I cannot recommend enough the brands Outdoor Research and MPG Sport they are made in a material that makes it comfortable both in the heat of the summer and a mild Canadian winter (because I have to admit, below -10, I wear a long johns underneath)


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