Why I ditched my Chanel perfume

After all Coco Chanel was French.

France is ranking highly in the art of perfume with many of the greatest names. In south of France, the commune of Grasse is considered the capital of perfume with major perfumeries and even an institute of perfumery.

As one would anticipate from a French woman, Chanel is a must try at some point in life (nice prejudice don’t you think?). Since I prefer to look for uniqueness, I settled for the Chanel no. 19 Poudre.

An eau de parfum is a perfume essence (which is a blend of synthetic and natural fragrances) diluted in water and alcohol combined with preservatives. At first, I used to think the scent was delicious and I valued it so much I brought it with me to immigrate to Canada (bear in mind we moved in with only one checked bag and one backpack so I had to downsize tremendously … that story will be for another post)

Aromatherapy and the start of a love story.

In my first year in Toronto, ON, I volunteered my time in an apothecary and worked every other Saturday as an apprentice surrounded by essential oils and natural products. It was an enriching experience, learning how to craft handmade products and assisting others to explore their crafting creativity. But my time there also brought me an increased sense of smell. Effectively, working with essential oils, I got to discover the natural and concentrate aroma of the plants/fruits/herbs/roots. I took many workshops, among them a perfumery one. I discovered blending ratios, scent combinations and the difference between parfum, eau de parfum and eau de toilette. Soon after, I came to smell my very much loved Chanel perfume only to realize that I did not enjoy it anymore: its scent did not seem natural at all. I assume that my sense of smell has developed a dislike of unnatural aroma, as with everything when we train our senses to change.

Chanel perfume

From then on, I decided to make my own oil base perfume blends; that way I am in control of its quality, fragrance and how natural and non transformed the final product is. I use slightly higher (but safe) ratio of essential oils for a true scent, no preservatives and I tremendously enjoy playing with different aroma.
To this date, I came up with 3 finished products you can find in the Aromatherapy and there are many more to come.


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