4 reasons private yoga is for you

Does this sound like a typical day in your life (partially or fully)?

The alarm rings at 6am, another Monday morning, the weekend went so fast. You roll out of bed and head to the bathroom. You get dressed, prepare some coffee (because today you heard the alarm), put breakfast on the table and the children lunch boxes in front of their bowls. You kiss goodbye everyone, jump in the car and head to work. Today, you are determined to avoid the traffic. At the office, you run from meetings to presentations, and writing/analyzing reports in between emails and phone calls. This is the end of the day already. Good, you had time to eat something earlier, but you can’t really remember what it was. Now, it is time to go home, prepare dinner and get everyone ready for tomorrow. And you hope not to get stuck in traffic again so you can aim to go to your yoga class tonight, because you haven’t been there in weeks.

Clock, time

Your life can get so busy sometimes that carving out time to get to the yoga group studio seems just like another thing to add to your To Do list.

You do want to be healthy and you know (or heard) that Yoga will help but you feel stuck because:

  • Your schedule is crazy busy and it feels like a drag to add one more thing to do in the day
  • You don’t know the poses so end up being way behind everyone else’s “Flow”
  • You are not flexible or have an injury and can’t do some of the poses
  • You are just exhausted sometimes and just don’t feel like doing anything
To do list yoga class

It may be time to consider investing in private yoga classes.

Below are 4 reasons you could highly benefit from private yoga:

  1. It is all about you

The yoga teacher is here for you and you only. You discuss your goals and any conditions or injuries, past or present. The yoga session is adapted to your needs and evolves as you progress. Your personal interests and energy levels are taken into consideration; for instance, after an exhausting day, you may simply need a relaxing practice instead of your usual active one.

  1. Safety is key:

The practice is adapted to you and meets you where you are. Working one on one with an instructor means that the postures and breathing techniques are carefully selected and taught in a way that is accessible to you, so you can reap the most benefits from them.

  1. Adapted to your schedule

What’s best than having Yoga coming to you? With private yoga classes, the teacher comes to your home, at a time that is convenient to you. That way, you can focus on what is most important in your personal and professional life, and leave the stressful part of commuting to them.

  1. Increased confidence

Because of the personalized nature of the instruction, you will see your advancements much faster than in a group setting. And as you progress, the practice will evolve, resulting in higher confidence in your body capabilities and other areas of your life.

Here you are, these are just 4 reasons among a multitude of other ones. I hope reading them helps you decide to take action and book private yoga sessions, because remember, your health and your time matter.

As a private yoga instructor, I put my knowledge at work to design a practice that helps you achieve your goals, be it alleviating pain, increasing flexibility, relieving anxiety, decreasing stress…

To get a better understanding of what working with me entails, head to the About Yoga Therapy tab. I also have some free Resources available. And most importantly, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions, I’d love to connect with you.


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