Who can benefit from private yoga?

“But Audrey, what is private yoga?” you might ask.

Let’s start at the beginning and let’s clarify what is a private yoga class first.

A yoga class is when a yoga instructor shares their knowledge with you, their student. It can happen in a group setting of various sizes or be a one on one session (the instructor and you only).

Yoga classes usually take place at yoga studios or fitness centers, the instructor home studio or in your own home.

A private yoga class is an individualized session where only the instructor and you are in the room, which can be in a studio setting or in your home, and the techniques are customized to your specific needs.

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If you can recognize yourself in one (or more) of the types described below, you can certainly benefit from private yoga classes:

  1. You are a beginner or novice

You have never done yoga before, or very sporadically, and group classes seem stressful or overwhelming to you. You do not know the name of the poses, how to sync breath and movement, and you are not that flexible.

  1. You have some health concerns

You are pregnant or have hormonal issues and don’t want to go to any random class. You have a condition affecting you making physical activity difficult (like arthritis, rehab from surgery, Parkinson, insomnia or back pain). You are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma and are struggling to stay consistent, especially when things are challenging.

  1. Your schedule doesn’t work with group classes

You are a busy bee, working long hours or travelling a lot, you are a carer for one of your close relative, or you have children who need your attention and support.

  1. You are experienced but have a specific goal

You are not new to yoga, and have been practicing for a while. You feel ready for more and want to understand yoga at a deeper level. You want to be more self-reliant and develop a home practice.

In all these cases, you can benefit from private yoga classes because Yoga meets you where you are.

As a novice, the one on one approach is perfect to learn the basics and develop a strong foundation. You go at your own pace and since the instructor is here for you only, you will grasp things much faster than in a group setting. You can ask questions, the instructor can demo the poses and you can learn the best way to perform them safely according to your own capacity.

When you have some health issues, it is best to invest in private sessions. The first step, with any private yoga class, is for your instructor to understand your situation, through a series of questions and postural assessment. Your instructor will research your condition and customize the techniques so they are accessible to you. You can be reassured that the practice will be in line with your capabilities of the day.

Private yoga classes work around your schedule, especially when the offering takes place in the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to rush, commute anywhere, you just need to relax and be ready 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled time. Leave the stress to your instructor, they are making their way to you.

As a regular practitioner, you may want to be more self-reliant and know how to develop a consistent home practice. Your instructor can help design it according to your goals, and include safe variations for the days you have less time or just need a change. And you can expect your instructor to hold you accountable and on track with your objective.

Personally, I see private yoga as a relationship, where both parties are working towards the goal. The health objective is defined between you and me, and together, we take steps into the direction of your well-being.

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