Stop wondering what to expect from a private yoga session

So here you are, you read my previous post on the benefits of private yoga and you found yourself in one of the 4 categories. And you are ready to take charge of your health and take on private yoga classes.

But you are suddenly wondering, how does it work?

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I got the answers for you, let’s go through it, step by step.

  1. We start with a complimentary intro call:

Ideally done via zoom so we can put a face on the name, this call lasts 15 to 20 minutes. This discussion is the opportunity for you to tell me about your goals, needs, and concerns. We chat about your current situation and availability and I give you a quote.

  1. We agree on a date and time for your introductory session:

Before the end of the intro call, we schedule a convenient date and time to meet for your introductory session.

I take your email address and send you a consultation and a waiver forms. You fill in and return both documents to me before your scheduled introductory session.

  1. The day of the session:

I come to your house at the date and time we agreed. We have a quick chat to find out how is your energy level today.

You are wearing comfortable clothes in which you can move without restriction and you show me the space where you want to practice.

We both put phones on Silent/Do Not Disturb and tuck them away.

If I need clarifications, we sit down and discuss some of your answers from the consultation form.

We proceed with a postural alignment assessment, with static and dynamic movements of all joints.

I teach you a short practice and we check in to ensure it feels right for you. This can include functional mobility and strengthening exercises, stretches, myofascial release, breath work, and mindfulness practice.

  1. At the end of the session:

When we are done with the practice, I write it down for you, together with frequency and any other recommendations I may have so you can start practicing regularly.

We take a moment to discuss futures sessions and package payment. We both lock the dates and times in our calendars and we say goodbye.


This should have now demystified the process, and given you a clearer picture of what to look forward to.

Remember that in between session, I offer ongoing support so we ensure your consistent progress towards your wellness goals.

Are you now ready to invest in your health? 


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