How to create a morning routine that works

Calling all stay-at-home workers… Wait, that’s all of us, right?

Right now, the whole world is more or less strictly in a quarantine state due to the Corona Virus pandemic. It is a challenging time for everyone, from health care workers, to those who are one the non-essential businesses list and are on the verge of losing their job, all the way to those who are still able to work from home.

And that’s why, keeping yourself healthy in body and mind is all the way more essential right now. Having a sound morning routine can do just that, bringing you to your peak energy level (physical and mental!) to tackle your day.

morning routine


You’ve tried creating a morning routine before but it didn’t work? Here is why:

You’ve read books, articles and blog posts, watched some YouTube videos, or listened to podcasts of various successful individuals sharing their morning routine, you’ve done it all!

You’ve even selected bits and bobs from each of them, and tried to piece them together into something that could work for you.

But, like all New Year’s resolutions, after a few weeks, or maybe days, you fell off the wagon into your usual day to day, and you’re wondering why.

The answer is simple, you are unique! And similar to the Yoga Therapy approach I teach, what works for someone else, may not work for you.

morning routine

So what can you do now?

Below are some practical steps to get you started:

  1. The very first step, is to become aware.

Take a journal, and write down your current daily routine, the activities, state of mind, emotions, and energy levels that are emerging and going away throughout your day. Be honest with yourself, it’s not time to judge.

  1. Decide what your goal is.

Ask yourself questions like “Who is it I want to be?”, “how do I want to feel?”, “how do I want to lead my life?” and write down all that comes to mind, even the craziest ideas, get them all on paper.

  1. Determine what is needed to achieve your goal(s).

Let’s say you want to be more productive and energetic in the morning, a few examples of what you could do could be: stop reading emails or watching the news in the evening and replace with relaxing yoga and/or mindfulness practice, go to bed early, have your last meal 2 to 3 hours before your bed time, or listen/read self-development books in the morning on your way to work… you get the idea.

  1. Create a new routine.

Take the habits you brainstormed in step 3 and fit them in into your current routine (from step 1). Be specific, allocate the time-frame, the specific time when you’ll do it…; be as detailed as you can. When you are very clear on what needs to be done, it’s easier to get started and go for it.

  1. Rehearse your routine.

Start right now! Finish reading this blog post and start doing the work. Rather than beginning to implement tomorrow morning, jump in right away and go to bed early tonight! (if that is on your list obviously).

  1. Test it.

It’s good to get started, but it is also important to know how you’re doing.

Determine how you can measure your transformation. You could journal it or track it with a daily habit register.

Establish milestones and celebrate when you get there. And don’t even wait to get to your milestone to pat yourself in the back, celebrate each time you refuse an old pattern creeping in or you rock your new habit!

  1. Enjoy your new you!

Love yourself.


morning routine


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