Hi, my name is Audrey.

I am from Marseille in the South of France and also lived in China, USA and UK before settling in Canada. I am bilingual and can offer services in French.

Navigating through eating disorder, abuse and depression during my youth, I spent many years in psychotherapies trying to understand what was “wrong”. It was only in 2014 I realized I had been living with PTSD symptoms for over 20 years due to a childhood complex trauma and most ailments came from there. My body, my mind were impregnated with the trauma, even so many years later. At the time, I discovered the teachings of Sivananda and experienced wonderful internal peace during Satsangs, meditation and chanting. Then, I met with Michelle Ravaux Bruni, Yoga Therapist in Taize- Aizie, France and a light, deep inside me, switched on: I had found my calling!

Since then, I removed myself from toxic relationships, switched jobs and took on different steps to live a mindful peaceful life.

My aim is to empower individuals to heal themselves and I use conscious breathing, slow mindful movements and meditation to this aim.

I am particularly interested in working with individuals and seniors with a range of conditions such as emotional and physical trauma, abuse victims or undergoing physical rehabilitation.

My Certifications and trainings:

  • Vinyasa Flow certification 200 hours;
  • Depression, Addiction and Anxiety awareness (Aaron Moore) and Trauma Center – Trauma Sensitive Yoga (David Emerson) training 30 hours;
  • First Aid CPR/AED Level A Certification – St John’s Ambulance
  • *Yoga Therapist certification 800 hours – *In progress, with Yoga Therapy Toronto.


Why DedeBee?

In France, “Dede” was a nickname when I was younger. This is a nod to my origins.
I added the word “bee” to bring awareness on the agricultural use of honeybees rather than recognition that, even though so small, they work together to survive and maintain diversity and life for themselves and other species, us included.