Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms

Plants were traditionally used for their therapeutic effects many years ago before the discovery of medicine. I found this short article which gives an overview of the history of plants as medicine and how many countries were sharing similar ways to heal their people. Isn’t it amazing to be able to unlock the power of … Continue reading Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms


How to sense your body

The various mental health symptoms for trauma can affect an individual on different planes: the physical with heart palpitations, sweat, and panic attack; the emotional with low self-esteem, shame and guilt and the psychological plane with dissociation. The latter could be explained as the separation of mental processes, or disconnection of the mind from the … Continue reading How to sense your body

How to maintain natural oral care

Chances are, if you have a yoga practice, you are conscious about your health. Yoga is a complete discipline that addresses every aspects of life: the physical, mental and spiritual. So as you practice asanas to regain or maintain flexibility on the physical level, you may also meditate to give a break to the never … Continue reading How to maintain natural oral care

My home remedy for common cold

Living with PTSD symptoms could be compared as living in constant stress. The body can becomes resistant to the cortisol hormone (which regulates some of the body processes including the immune response and works as a natural inhibitor of inflammation) and inflammation can increase. Add to that a stressful job or life situation and a … Continue reading My home remedy for common cold

Unwrap the benefits of lavender while relaxing in Savasana

Have you noticed how many different style of yoga are there? Some traditional like Sivananda, Hatha, Ashtanga or the more modern styles of Vinyasa, hot, power… One common point to all these styles is Savasana, or the relaxation part at the end of the practice (the most popular pose after downward facing dog) I experienced … Continue reading Unwrap the benefits of lavender while relaxing in Savasana

Finding your safe place for meditation

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you would rather be somewhere else? Maybe letting your mind drift on the thought of your next holiday when your friend is telling you about their restful weekend? Or maybe planning in your head your afterwork activities while attending a lengthy meeting? This capacity the mind … Continue reading Finding your safe place for meditation