Oil Free Granola

What’s in your breakfast bowl in the mornings? On weekends, I alternate between my two favorite: homemade waffles and scrambled eggs. During the week, between waking up early and the commute to work, I don’t have time for a cooked breakfast. I would love to freshly blend fruits into a smoothie but I don’t think … Continue reading Oil Free Granola


Growing food in a 2 sqm space

My space is a concrete staircase leading to the entrance of my basement apartment. There is no soil but a guardrail and a fence separating from the main house front lawn as well as a small ledge. The solution for my space is containers gardening. As mentioned in the title, it is facing north east … Continue reading Growing food in a 2 sqm space

My life in a 23kg bag or the journey towards minimalism

After 1 year and a half living in the country, I think it’s time to share the biggest challenge I faced when I moved to Canada. I brought up the idea of settling in Canada to Justin, my life partner, at the beginning of 2016. We were in London, UK and together for a year … Continue reading My life in a 23kg bag or the journey towards minimalism

What to wear to yoga

Do you often wonder what to wear to yoga? Or is the leggings mandatory? Is there a secret dress code being only discussed by the members of the yoga community? As my blog is dedicated to individuals who have experienced/are experiencing traumatic events, I am driven to discuss issues around self-confidence. A person suffering from … Continue reading What to wear to yoga

How to get a good night sleep

Are you subject to insomnia, or simply have difficulties to fall asleep? I compiled a few tips below to assist you setting the right conditions for you. My first suggestion is to create a routine so you are enjoying your dinner earlier in the evening. If it is doable, plan your day in such a … Continue reading How to get a good night sleep

How stress affect the body

Stress can be external (think of a sudden loud noise) or internal (for example going into shock). It is a healthy response from the body to a stimulus. Indeed, hormones that activates the fight or flight response are released and the energy and blood flow are swiftly gathered around the vital organs in preparation for … Continue reading How stress affect the body

How to take your practice off the mat

It is very likely that throughout your experience of attending different classes, you may have heard a yoga instructor saying to their students at the end of the session to take their practice off the mat. But you may also have wondered what do they mean? Or how to do that? It’s not until I … Continue reading How to take your practice off the mat

Reclaim your body with yoga to overcome trauma

In the earlier posts, I discussed the Link differences between complex trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and shared some of my personal experience with mindfulness. Last week, I was focused on providing survivors and carers some tools to understand the impacts on the individuals and to start healing. Today, I will focus on yoga … Continue reading Reclaim your body with yoga to overcome trauma