Tools to heal Complex Trauma

Last week in the blog, I ventured on broadening your awareness on the meaning of Complex Trauma. This week I would like to equip you with tool to assist you in dealing with it. Because if you or someone you know has experienced complex trauma, there ARE things you can do to help. One of … Continue reading Tools to heal Complex Trauma


What is Complex Trauma?

What is trauma? A dictionary definition states: “emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes leads to long-term neurosis.” Just as this short definition shows, there are different types of trauma may it be emotional or physical, in adult or life. The term Post … Continue reading What is Complex Trauma?

The power of mindfulness for trauma survivors

When affected by a traumatic event, the human body will create a series of defense mechanism to protect itself. It is important to note that the degree by which people are suffering will be different for everyone as we are all unique and complex individuals. Trauma is affecting the explicit and implicit memory in such … Continue reading The power of mindfulness for trauma survivors

Prevent common cold this winter

Let’s start off the year on the right foot and follow some simple tips to avoid catching a cold this winter. After the (potential) excess that the festive season brings in, it is essential to implement a routine to bring back the body and mind to a healthy state. In your personal and/or professional life, you … Continue reading Prevent common cold this winter

How to keep your resolutions this new year

Tapas is the third Nyama of Patanjali Eight limbs of yoga. It is translated from Sanskrit as “heat” or “discipline”. This can be interpreted as having self-discipline to practice physically through asanas or mentally through meditation for example. With discipline and consistency, one can distance themselves from the ego(?) and gain control over mind and … Continue reading How to keep your resolutions this new year

How EMDR helped me recover from trauma

The human body is an amazing tool, extremely well designed. All processes are communicating and functioning together. When the brain perceives danger, it will shut off some processes and redirect blood flow to its center to get ready for survival. We experience this as the fight or flight response or hyper Some signs can be … Continue reading How EMDR helped me recover from trauma

Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms

Plants were traditionally used for their therapeutic effects many years ago before the discovery of medicine. I found this short article which gives an overview of the history of plants as medicine and how many countries were sharing similar ways to heal their people. Isn’t it amazing to be able to unlock the power of … Continue reading Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms

How to sense your body

The various mental health symptoms for trauma can affect an individual on different planes: the physical with heart palpitations, sweat, and panic attack; the emotional with low self-esteem, shame and guilt and the psychological plane with dissociation. The latter could be explained as the separation of mental processes, or disconnection of the mind from the … Continue reading How to sense your body