About Me

Hello again!

I realized you probably want to know who in the world is over here emailing you.

I am Audrey. French girl from Marseille in the South of France, who moved to Canada in 2017 after living 8 years in U.K. where I met my life partner, Justin.

Audrey Iozelli private yoga therapy teacher toronto

I had my time of solo adventure when I lived and worked in South China and Florida, USA. In my free time, you can find me in my mini vegetable garden, experimenting with permaculture methods, hiking in the Rouge Conservation Park, near Toronto, or creating new natural products (I have a thing for making perfume blends, check my Aromatherapy page).

View from the outside, I come from a loving modest family, and had a “normal” upbringing.

But when you look closely, my parents were working hard to meet month end while providing a cosy roof above our head, good food on the table and the best education for my older brother (who is a mini genius) and I.

I saw first hand how stress can affect an entire family’s life, with depression, alcoholism, and emotional abuse. My parents were so exhausted, they did not See or Hear me when I got molested as a child.

I struggled in the early years with eating disorders, drug abuse, which led to a long depression where I tried various forms of psychotherapy to release the Complex Trauma and reduce PTSD symptoms.

Fast forward to 2014, I discovered the teachings of Sivananda Yoga and experienced wonderful internal peace during Satsangs, meditation and chanting. However, I realized the asana (physical movements) practice was not adaptive enough to the needs of my body.

Then, I met with Michelle Ravaux Bruni, Yoga Therapist in Taize- Aizie, France and discovered how Yoga Therapy is adapting to the individual and their specific needs. It made so much sense to me, because, no, one size does NOT fit all. I had found my calling!

Since then, I took action and created a path for myself to become a Yoga Therapist.

I do not see myself as a teacher or instructor, but as the Guide who makes YOU unlock YOUR inner healing power.

Have a look at my approach on the Yoga page. And if there and any questions not answered in the FAQ section, simply drop me an email.



What’s with the name DedeBee?

In France, “Dede” was a nickname when I was younger. This is a nod to my origins.
I added the word “bee” to bring awareness on the agricultural use of honeybees rather than recognition that, even though so small, they work together to survive and maintain diversity and life for themselves and other species, us included.
And let’s be real, I like to see myself as a “big child” and I just like the sound of it.