Where do I start?

You can start by contacting me and arrange a convenient time to call you. We will take this time discuss your needs, answer any questions and schedule your first session.


Yoga Therapy can assist resolving and managing the symptoms of many conditions such as: cancer (support & recovery), arthritis (RA, OA), MS, diabetes, epilepsy, crohn’s disease, insomnia, asthma, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, fibrosis, physical injuries/accidents… I have experience in working with clients with a range of health conditions and we will discuss your specific needs during your consultation.

Do I need specific equipment?

To begin, you will need a quiet space in your home with enough space to move around, comfortable clothes to move in, a mat and a blanket. For future sessions you may also need two foam blocks, a bolster, and a strap; we will discuss when we meet.

I am new to yoga and want to check if I like it or not. Do you do one time session?

I work with clients who are interested in seeing and experiencing long lasting changes. Consistency is key, especially if you are affected by a progressive disease, which is why single sessions are not offered at this time. As a first-time client you will be offered the Starter Program of 3 sessions so you can discover the benefits of one on one customized Yoga Therapy sessions.

I live slightly outside the neighborhoods listed, would you still travel to my place?

Depending on the accessibility of your location, I may be able to accommodate with an adjustment to my rates.

What are your rates?

Although each program is customized to the individual’s specific needs, I have created 2 packages that will support you in your journey. You can find the rates and details on the Private Yoga Therapy page.

Is yoga therapy reimbursed by my benefits plan?

Some benefits plans are more comprehensive than other, so you would have to check yours. In some cases, you may be reimbursed if you are being referred by your medical doctor, nurse practitioner or occupational therapist. Feel free to ask them to contact me so we can work the details together and get the most affordable option for you.

I have never done yoga before and I am not flexible, is this for me?

Yoga Therapy sessions are accessible to all since we are focusing on the breath (rather than the form) and adapt the practice to you and your needs. As T.K.V Desikachar said:

“Anybody can breathe. Therefore anybody can practice yoga”.