Sustainable Promise

Sustainability Values

The Earth is my feet,

The trees are my body,

The rivers are my blood,

The birds are my eyes,

The sky is my soul.

If I see life this way, why would I hurt it? Why would I hurt myself?

Walk as if you were kissing the Earth with your feet.

Tchich Nhat Hanh

My promise to you, to myself and to the Earth, are:

  • Animal cruelty free: raw materials used to create your products will be sourced from companies that do not harm land/sea animals or wildlife. I believe in living in synchronicity with Nature and all its beings.
  • Locally sourced: our ancestors used plant material and resources that were local to them. My goal is to grow or source indigenous plants for all products made available to you. As I grow my own garden, gain more local herbs knowledge and grow my network with ethical & environmentally friendly small businesses or apothecaries, the Shop will evolve to reflect that. I will provide you with ethical, organic, and/or Fairtrade plant medicines for herbal products that are not locals.
  • Lower carbon emissions: I limit the In-Person sessions to the primary service areas listed in the footer map and the Contact page to reduce my carbon footprint. If you are outside those neighborhoods and need in-person sessions, you may be charged an additional fee, a portion of which will be donated to a local environmental charity. Alternatively, we may meet via Tele-Medicine.
  • Minimal use of plastic: perfumes, massage oils and lotions are provided to you in glass containers. Although I do not currently have the processes in place to offer refills/BYO you are encouraged to reuse your glass containers.
  • Pesticide/chemical free or organic: sometimes receiving an organic certification or label can be a long and expensive process, especially for small/family owned businesses. I will research the origins and conditions in which the plants have been grown to ensure you are not being exposed to toxic elements.
  • Reduce & Reuse: packaging for shipped items is usually made from various items I find in my home as a way to reuse it one more time, before it ends up in the recycling bin or the landfill.

P.S.: The header picture was taken on the costal path around St. Ives, UK. Some wonderful memories.