natural oil base perfumes

6 ways to use oil based perfumes

Did you think that perfumes are only to be enjoyed as fragrance? Well, that may be true for commercial brands since they usually use chemical scents and a bunch of other ingredients. But as soon as you get into natural perfumery, there are tons of possibilities. I have been crafting oil based perfumes with minimal … Continue reading 6 ways to use oil based perfumes

rainy season

6 techniques to support your immune system naturally

The world experienced a rough past few months. Now that the colder days are in sight, it’s the perfect time to take preventative steps to breeze through the cold & flu season. You’ve heard it, “prevention is better than cure”. So how can you avoid getting sick this winter? Simply by giving a boost to … Continue reading 6 techniques to support your immune system naturally

Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms

Our ancestors were healing themselves with plants. Plants were traditionally used for their therapeutic effects many years ago before the discovery of medicine. I found this short article which gives an overview of the history of plants as medicine and how many countries were sharing similar ways to heal their people. Isn’t it amazing to … Continue reading Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms