Every day, we are getting caught up in the time bound activities, the fast paced cycle of life that modern society seems to impose on us. As if we were taking life for granted; it is easy to get lost in time and forget our purpose in life. My good friend Bill Cumming is saying: … Continue reading Miracle


We do it every day, every second, yet, we barely realize it. With an average of 16 breaths per minute at rest, we breathe more or less 8 409 600 times in a year. From this perspective, this simple automatic act is not that insignificant anymore. We tend to take it for granted even though … Continue reading Breathe

What You Really Should Know About Yoga Assists

Are you in need of your own space and pace during your your practice? Part of the curriculum of a yoga teacher training is to educate future teachers to provide safe hands-on assists. Being encouraged and supported to go deeper in a twist or to open further in cobra can feel marvelous in the body … Continue reading What You Really Should Know About Yoga Assists