What is Ayurveda?

The word Ayurveda’s literal translation is the Science of Life. It’s an Indian system of healing dating from over 5000 years. The purpose of Ayurveda is the prevention of dis-ease (or imbalances), which is done by maintaining a balanced lifestyle in body, mind and consciousness. It exists general guidelines to maintain equilibrium within the body. … Continue reading What is Ayurveda?

5 pillars to optimal health

Optimal health is what you are looking for when you say “I want to get rid of this pain in my body”, or “I wish I had more energy”. In this article, I will share the five pillars to Optimal Health I go by to support my clients and myself. The World Health Organization (WHO) … Continue reading 5 pillars to optimal health

natural oil base perfumes

6 ways to use oil based perfumes

Did you think that perfumes are only to be enjoyed as fragrance? Well, that may be true for commercial brands since they usually use chemical scents and a bunch of other ingredients. But as soon as you get into natural perfumery, there are tons of possibilities. I have been crafting oil based perfumes with minimal … Continue reading 6 ways to use oil based perfumes

rainy season

6 techniques to support your immune system naturally

The world experienced a rough past few months. Now that the colder days are in sight, it’s the perfect time to take preventative steps to breeze through the cold & flu season. You’ve heard it, “prevention is better than cure”. So how can you avoid getting sick this winter? Simply by giving a boost to … Continue reading 6 techniques to support your immune system naturally


7 ways to reduce brain fog without an extra cup of coffee

Do you find yourself wondering whether a 3rd cup of coffee would help “waking” your mind up? You’re probably suffering from brain fog, and you are not alone! What is brain fog and how does it manifests? Brain fog is a sign of an inflammation of the brain or sluggish brain function. Inflammation requires the … Continue reading 7 ways to reduce brain fog without an extra cup of coffee

Summer health tips

Understanding Summer season

Yes my friend, June 21st will officially be the first day of summer, woot woot! Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting longer, the weather hotter and Nature greener. The transition from spring into summer is happening and all life is feeling it: insects and bees are back in your garden, … Continue reading Understanding Summer season

My secrets for a good night sleep

Are you subject to insomnia, or simply have difficulties to fall asleep? I compiled a few tips below to assist you setting the right conditions for you. My first suggestion is to create a routine so you are enjoying your dinner earlier in the evening. If it is doable, plan your day in such a … Continue reading My secrets for a good night sleep

This is my Periods’ best friend

What the heck is a menstrual cup? During my yoga teacher training had the joy of meeting with amazing people from around the world. A few of my fellow yogini were speaking so passionately about their great experience with the menstrual cup that I decided to try it out. I personally do not feel comfortable … Continue reading This is my Periods’ best friend

My Favorite On The Go Snack (bonus, it is Healthy too)

What’s your go to healthy snack recipe? I love having an apple with almond butter; I slice the apple and use it as a toast to spread the nut butter on it. It’s delicious and nutritious but now ideal when you are hiking or in the go and it can get messy quickly (I *may* … Continue reading My Favorite On The Go Snack (bonus, it is Healthy too)