Summer health tips

Understanding Summer season

Yes my friend, June 21st will officially be the first day of summer, woot woot! Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting longer, the weather hotter and Nature greener. The transition from spring into summer is happening and all life is feeling it: insects and bees are back in your garden, … Continue reading Understanding Summer season

Breakfast time

What’s in your breakfast bowl in the mornings? On weekends, I alternate between my two favorite: homemade waffles and scrambled eggs. During the week, between waking up early and the commute to work, I don’t have time for a cooked breakfast. I would love to freshly blend fruits into a smoothie but I don’t think … Continue reading Breakfast time

How to take your practice off the mat

Take the what off the mat? It is very likely that throughout your experience of attending different type of Yoga classes, you would have heard the instructor saying to their students at the end of the session to "Take your Practice Off the Mat". And you wondered then "what are they talking about?", "What do … Continue reading How to take your practice off the mat

My Favorite On The Go Snack (bonus, it is Healthy too)

What’s your go to healthy snack recipe? I love having an apple with almond butter; I slice the apple and use it as a toast to spread the nut butter on it. It’s delicious and nutritious but now ideal when you are hiking or in the go and it can get messy quickly (I *may* … Continue reading My Favorite On The Go Snack (bonus, it is Healthy too)