Upcoming classes

Private yoga sessions available:

Are you suffering from chronic condition or struggling to manage stress? Do you have constraints that prevent you from going to group classes, or simply prefer the comfort of your own home to practice yoga? Then weekly private yoga sessions would be a safe way to start your journey to reclaim your body.

Designed and customized to address your specific needs, the one on one programs are aiming at empowering you to take control of your health.

What to expect:

The initial session of 90 minutes will allow us to meet and discuss your objectives and needs. The following sessions will last 60 minutes.

Weekly private yoga sessions are collaborative and require that you invest time and dedication to see long lasting changes. Consistency is key, therefore single sessions are not offered; the minimum is 3 sessions.

Get in touch here to know more about packages and availability.

Virtual coaching sessions via Zoom:

Available wherever you are. You will need a laptop/computer/tablet, internet connection, and a quiet space with enough room to move. Ideal if you are currently enrolled in a private yoga sessions program or as a first assessment. Inquire here