Welcome to dedebee.com

Hi, I am Audrey.

Navigating through eating disorder and depression during my youth, it was only a few years ago that I realised I had to slow down after hurting my back and being unable to walk for a few days. Yoga helped me in my physical recovery. As I went deeper into the philosophy and values, things fell into place. I realised I had been living with PTSD for over 20 years and most ailments came from there. My body, my mind were impregnated with the trauma, even so many years later. Recovering mobility is one thing but recovering freedom is another.

My goal is to train as a Yoga Therapist and assist others to heal themselves through yoga, through the union between their body, mind and soul, and to embrace the miracle of life, every second.

I trained with Frog Lotus Yoga and am a certified 200 hours Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher. The next step is to decide which Yoga Therapy training is calling me.

I teach Slow Flow alignment focused classes designed for beginners and intermediates. I tailor my teaching to the students and you can expect to be energized and relaxed for the rest of the day.

I offer very affordable classes in Swanage until end of August and can also travel to meet you for private classes with a small donation fee for transport. From September, I will be based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Feel free to contact me to discuss booking for classes or to ask any questions. I look forwards to hearing from you.