private yoga therapy toronto

Private Yoga Therapy Toronto

Whether you don’t feel at home in your body because:

  • You feel you lost the ability to enjoy the things you used to (going on hikes, cycling in the countryside…) because of your unpredictable symptoms flare up
  • You’re experiencing pain that is increasingly debilitating and taking you away from those camping trips you love
  • You’re struggling staying social and avoid your regular outdoors-lovers meet-ups because you’re dealing with depression and/or anxiety
  • You feel guilt for having to rely on your loved ones as you slowly lose your autonomy to a chronic/progressive/terminal disease

You have found the right place.

Together, we create your sanctuary where you can nurture yourself, let go of long-held tensions in body & mind and (re)gain some autonomy.

Your disease or pain does not define you

Everything is magical when you see it with your heart.



Audrey is such a beautiful soul and her classes really reflect that. She is caring and welcoming and her passion for creating a safe space to practice really comes across. I loved her thoughtful sequencing, playfulness and heartfelt themes throughout class! Thank you Audrey.

Kate C

Audrey is a wonderful teacher. I felt immediately at ease in her presence and enjoyed every aspect of her teaching. She creates an environment that nurtures mind, body and spirit and by the end of her classes, I feel restored. She guides the practice with sensitivity and care and knows how to create a perfect … Continue reading Katie Abbott, Founder at Pause Place

Katie Abbott, Founder at Pause Place

I had the pleasure of working with Audrey as she guided me through Yoga Therapy which focused on my Parkinson’s. Audrey was very patient and encouraging while she tailored movements to help me manage the difficulties of rigidity and cramping brought on by my disease. The breathing exercises I found to be very beneficial and … Continue reading Mike L

Mike L

Thank you Audrey for your inspiring and motivating yoga instruction. Your one-on-one guidance has strengthened my yoga practice and I look forward to more sessions with you! Namaste 🙂

Daniela DM

Audrey is a beautiful person with an incredible ability to calm the mind, and heal the body. I learned a lot from her and I am excited to continue my practice. Yoga therapy is an underrated vehicle for healing, and well worth the exploration!

Missy M

I really learned a lot about what yoga therapy is vs. regular yoga at a studio. The input on diet, sleep, stress management, and just overall wellness, as related to the yoga and breathing, was really eye-opening and helpful. I really like how you explained to me the reasons behind what we were doing (especially … Continue reading Meryl H

Meryl H

Un travail réfléchi et vraiment ciblé sur mes problèmes personnels. Ça m’a permis de me détendre, et de retrouver beaucoup de mobilité. Je trouve ce service super. Ma professeure connaît mes problèmes de santé, notre échange est simple , on peut poser des questions sur le pourquoi d’un exercice, l’améliorer au fil des séances , échanger … Continue reading Suzanne G

Suzanne G

I found the dedebee Yoga Therapy session very informative and helpful. Right from the start Audrey (my therapist) seemed to instinctively ask the right questions to explore issues and provided feedback on treatment options. I especially enjoyed the ease of communication, flexibility and focus of the treatment methods. Follow up diagrams for practice and other … Continue reading Tom M

Tom M

Audrey’s yoga therapy was truly transformative for me. Through her gentle guidance, I was able to heal from hip surgery and discover a restorative approach to health and well-being. Audrey is a gifted healer.

Jayne E

Audrey is a calm and thoughtful teacher of yoga. I found our ‘sessions’ very helpful and calming yet challenging in the right way. Having previously only had experience of Hatha yoga I was pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling and enjoyable it is to take it a stage further. Flow yoga with Audrey is a very … Continue reading Karen H

Karen H


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