private yoga therapy toronto

Private Yoga Therapy Toronto

Are you tired of having your energy and mood levels dictated by the ups and lows of Parkinson’s or chronic disease?

Are you fed up of being in pain from cramping or muscle rigidity?

Are you weary for not being able to keep up in wellness group classes because of your limited range of movement or unpredictable symptoms flare-up?


I bring you a personalized & accessible

in-home program

Together, we create your sanctuary where you can nurture yourself, let go of long held tensions in body & mind and shift your limitations to reclaim your health.

yoga therapy toronto


Meet with your Best Self TODAY and contact Audrey to get started

Breath focused, detail oriented posture practices that can be done anywhere. Because it is designed to be just right for you 15 or 20 minutes can make a huge impact.

private yoga therapy toronto



Audrey is such a beautiful soul and her classes really reflect that. She is caring and welcoming and her passion for creating a safe space to practice really comes across. I loved her thoughtful sequencing, playfulness and heartfelt themes throughout class! Thank you Audrey.

Kate Cohen

Audrey is a wonderful teacher. I felt immediately at ease in her presence and enjoyed every aspect of her teaching. She creates an environment that nurtures mind, body and spirit and by the end of her classes, I feel restored. She guides the practice with sensitivity and care and knows how to create a perfect … Continue reading Katie Abbott, Founder at Pause Place

Katie Abbott, Founder at Pause Place

Audrey is a calm and thoughtful teacher of yoga. I found our ‘sessions’ very helpful and calming yet challenging in the right way. Having previously only had experience of Hatha yoga I was pleasantly surprised at how fulfilling and enjoyable it is to take it a stage further. Flow yoga with Audrey is a very … Continue reading Karen Hackett

Karen Hackett