4 ways to replace your morning coffee

You’ve read about the negative effects of coffee and think it’s time to change your morning habit? Well, I have some options for you.

But before we go there, know that coffee is not to be categorized as “bad”. Like everything else, it should be consumed in moderation. Enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee every now and then is fine. Health problems may start to surface if you’re drinking it regularly (once or several times a day!). All depends of the purpose for which you’re drinking it, the environment and state of mind you’re in while you do so. If too many stressors are present, it may have a depleting effect on the system.

Let’s review some alternatives to coffee now:

1/ Herbal coffee. If your thing is the bitter taste of coffee, you’re probably a good candidate to try and herbal alternative. Some brands are selling different variations of herbal coffee in health food stores. But if you want to stay away from excessive/plastic packaging and/or additives/colorants, you can certainly make it yourself.

DYI herbal coffee:

1 tbsp roasted chicory root

1 tsp roasted dandelion root

1 tsp roasted burdock root

Steep into 1 liter of hot water for 5 minutes and savor the bitterness.

2/ Black tea. If you’re after the “wake me up” feeling of coffee, you might want to switch to black tea. It’s still a strong taste so bitterness lovers, you’ll be served. Black tea also has a small amount of caffeine (smaller than coffee but enough to feel the difference).  As with everything else, a moderate amount every other day is best to get all the health benefits. Make sure you don’t brew your black tea for too long (2 to 5 minutes max) so it doesn’t upset your stomach.

herbal tea

3/Matcha or yerba mate. If you prefer a milder but durable effect, you may enjoy a cup of matcha or yerba mate. Both tea have an herbal taste (I particularly love both for this very reason…Earth Lover here), are gentle and can be drank throughout the day without affecting your sleep. The vibrant green color of matcha is a perfect mood lifter in my opinion.

ceremonial cacao

4/ Cacao paste. If you like the creative mind that you have when drinking coffee but you do not want the jittery effect, then you may find an ally in cacao paste. I particularly like using ceremonial cacao, which is an energetic label denoting a respect for the plant and traditions from seed to paste. The energy you get from ceremonial cacao is grounding and nourishing. Plus, with zero sugar, it taste deliciously bitter.

My favorite way to have it in the morning is below:

Morning micro-dosing ceremonial cacao:

4-6 discs of ceremonial cacao or 15-20gr of cacao paste

½ cup of goat milk

½ cup of homemade lavender herbal tea

Pour all ingredients in a pan, heat up but don’t let it boil. Froth and savor!

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