Handcrafted Lavender & Ginger balms

Our ancestors were healing themselves with plants.

Plants were traditionally used for their therapeutic effects many years ago before the discovery of medicine. I found this short article which gives an overview of the history of plants as medicine and how many countries were sharing similar ways to heal their people. Isn’t it amazing to be able to unlock the power of nature to heal the body and/or mind?

<img src="lavender.jpg" alt="natural aromatherapy lavender essential oil"

The process behind my non toxic skincare balm.

If you want to know how I came up with making these balms, literally from scratch, you can check my previous post where I give some background info.

When I separated the flowers from the stalks, and used the cold infusion process to naturally extract the healing properties of the lavender flowers. It consists of filling a wide mouth mason jar with the flowers of your choice (works also with dried or fresh plant material) and covering the flowers completely with good quality oil. I use some organic sunflower oil to do so. Make sure the flowers are fully covered to avoid mold from appearing at the top.

Then, let it steep in a dark and cool place for 6 to 8 weeks but shake the jar each day for the first one to two weeks. Strain it and store in dark glass lotion pump bottles, away from light to avoid oxidation.

The results is a flower infused oil that can be used just as is, as a fragrant massage oil or in place of your face/body cream. You can also mix the infused oil with other natural ingredients, just like I did when I made these wonderful balms for example. If you are making a bunch of them, I recommend seal-able tinted glass jars of 2 to 4 oz capacity as they are small enough to pop one in your bag or your pocket this winter.

<img src="lavender.jpg" alt="natural aromatherapy lavender essential oil"

The yummy adds on.

I decided to add some unrefined Shea butter for its moisturizing effects.

Coming from Marseille, South of France, I am used to the Tramontane wind coming from the sea. However here, in Toronto, Canada, in the winter the wind can be bitterly cold. Nourishing the skin is key and the Shea butter does that really well.

I combined ginger root and Lavender essential oils to create a warm floral yet spicy scent.

Handcrafted in Toronto from raw materials, these are an ideal gift for moms, yourself or as Christmas stocking fillers for family and friends. Get in touch to find out which local Christmas Markets I’ll be at, so you can test and smell some.


<img src="skincare.jpg" alt="natural moisturizing skincare aromatherapy lavender essential oil"


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