3 tips to avoid getting a cold this winter

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Let’s start off the year on the right foot and follow some simple tips to avoid catching a cold this winter.

After the (potential) excess that the festive season brings in, it is essential to implement a routine to bring back the body and mind to a healthy state.

In your personal and/or professional life, you may aim at being proactive and being prepared. You may want to apply the same reasoning for your health. Prevention is better than cure.

<img src="scarf.jpg" alt="ayurveda cold"

One obvious advice is to wrap up.

If, like me, you live in the northern hemisphere, you may experience icy rain, freezing wind and glacial snow. An easy way to be ready to handle the weather is to wear layers of clothes so you can remove them one after the other when you are in your car, public transport or have arrived indoors. Wear warm and/or natural fabrics like wool. I love to crochet scarves, beanies, gloves (…) I use yarns made partly or fully with wool to keep my head and neck toasty. If, for whatever reasons, you do not/cannot wear knitted wool, you could check hiking gear. Companies are making a variety of clothes that are lightweight and insulated. I like this under-layer long sleeve on really cold days. And I also swear by this neck warmer which is affordable and has a lifetime warranty!

<img src="wool.jpg" alt="ayurveda cold natural"


Get your cutest mug out!

During cold days, we are drawn towards hot drinks and cooked meals rather than smoothies and salads. Recognize that and add some spice to your life, literally. Eat seasonal (you may find many local root vegetables) and cook with warming spices. In a previous blog post, I shared a spiced drink recipe that I use when I am under the weather. No need to wait for that. You can start by adding cinnamon or cardamom to a latte; or some clove and cayenne to a casserole, and a touch of turmeric in all your dishes.

<img src="spices.jpg" alt="ayurveda cold natural"

Implement some Ayurvedic tips.

Put all the chances on your side and establish a self-care routine. As I mentioned in an earlier post on natural oral care, ancestral techniques were used daily to detoxify the body from bacteria accumulation, hence preventing infection and illnesses. Jala neti kria is a type of yogic nose cleansing where you use a neti pot filled with warm salted water and pour in the nostrils one after the other. The pot is fairly cheap and you can easily add this kria to your morning routine, while you shower for example. To avoid dryness, follow that by pouring 1 drop of organic sesame oil in each nostril.

Take care of yourself and enjoy the winter! (…went sledding)


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