Understanding Summer season

Yes my friend, June 21st will officially be the first day of summer, woot woot!

Wherever you are in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting longer, the weather hotter and Nature greener. The transition from spring into summer is happening and all life is feeling it: insects and bees are back in your garden, birds are singing louder, and you get sunglasses and miniskirts out of the wardrobe!

summer vibes

Your mood is uplifted, you want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the sun, you’re looking forward those long evenings relaxing on your terrace sipping some cool spearmint tea or a glass of wine if that’s your thing. Yes, you are also transitioning into summer mode.


What’s happening within you?

Have you noticed how you’re naturally attracted to green salads, colorful fruits, lighter meals? Those roast meals, casseroles, heavy dishes that warmed you in winter are now a memory of the past!

Your body is simply tuning into the changes in your environment and “speaking” its needs.

The season of summer is hot, dry, bright. And you naturally want to stay cool, hydrated and embrace colorful environments.

green smoothie juice

Here are some tips to truly enjoy Summer season.

  • Forget the chills: even if it’s really hot, prefer room temperature to icy cold drinks. The later diminish your digestive power, which can affect absorption of nutrients and therefore your immunity.
  • Slow down on the spices: warming spices have a pungent taste and warm your body up. It’s already hot so get inspired from the Mediterranean diet and express your creative juices with aromatic herbs instead.
  • Don’t avoid the fats: summer is a dry season, so you’ll want to avoid dry foods. Add some olive/coconut oil, avocados and other healthy fats like nuts and olives to your diet.
  • Eat produce that are in season: the best and easiest way to connect with the benefits of the seasonal change, is to eat produce that is local and in season. If it naturally grows in your environment, it means that it’s more likely to be beneficial to you.

healthy summer snack


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